But first, let us CELEBRATE

“Those who celebrate the small victories and the simple pleasures win the game over and over again”

There is a project that I have been working on for almost 8 months now. I had planned and created enough buffer (Or so I thought) for it to go live, worst case scenario, at the end of November 2019. Around mid September the number of loopholes I had to climb had increased from 3 to 26 and so I found myself sitting at my desk with a sinking heart as I realised that there was no way in hell I was going to make end of November. Fast forward to the beginning of this past week and when the project resumes again I am on cloud 9. Everyone in the office is a tad bit confused by my excitement because we are still in the testing phase yet I am thrilled as though we have gone live, i.e. done and dusted. I know we are not done but we are also not where we were a couple of months ago. We have made PROGRESS. Taken a step forward. And I can’t not be happy.

I am in the business of celebrating even the tiniest of victories, because they too, count.

The thing about celebrating ourselves, milestones, goals achieved etc. is that we have fallen into this illusion that it only counts if its big. Or it only counts when it is done. Or worse, it only counts if it is noted by certain people. And yet we somehow seem to forget that life itself, is a series of small steps, moments, incremental, a jigsaw puzzle that comes together gradually. It is not one big long never ending marathon that we ought to have figured out by a certain point.

There’s something about pausing, that has filled my heart with so much gratitude for the strides already taken. Something about remembering to do that YES, air punch when I have taken 3 steps while I have 15 more steps to go before the finish line. I work too damn hard to deprive myself of the feeling that comes with knowing I HAVE MADE PROGRESS. I HAVE TAKEN A STEP FORWARD.

My project is not over yet. The end is close yet also so far still. And that is okay. Today I want to pause, indulge and smile from the inside out with excitement because we have advanced and made headway.

I am in the business of celebrating even the smallest of victories because they too, count!!!

Remember to CELEBRATE yours…They too count.

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