My Gomzicles – The real G

I met Gomo in varsity. She was the girl I knew from a far but never really chatted to.

Girl has been feeling herself since the beginning of time

Somewhere down the line I managed to worm my way into her life and she let me. Opened the doors to her heart, wide open. Embraced my presence in her life so purely and effortlessly

Gomolemo is inclusive, affectionate, amicable.

Authentic, strong and beautifully fragile. My friend is a jam y’all

When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you

Girl be loud and passionate. She has one of the best laughs ever

She loves. Unothando umgan’ wami shame!!! She loves big, wide, strong, deep and wholeheartedly. Her tears are always on standby. No listen, my friend has a Phd in crying and that is actually one of the things I admire most about her…Her bravery with her emotions.


For as long as I have known Gomolemo, she has moved through life with miraculous faith. Faith that inspires. Faith that forces you to get up. Soul awakening faith. Spirit refreshing faith. She gives God the glory after disappointments, in the storm and after the storm. Faith laced in so much grace and strength.

My friend is the epitome of resilience. Senseless resilience… this is part of her journey that she will share herself, one day

“Be a rebel in pursuit of the things that set your soul on fire”.

That is Gomo. The one who has stayed the path. Remained unmoved. Anchored. She has taught me what it means to keep one’s eyes fixed. Fixed on what’s ahead. Fixed on the goal. Fixed on the light.


Fashionista through and through!!!

All the women in me honour all the women in you

Qinisela. Hlala ethembeni ungapheli amandla

You are everything and more. Loved to infinity and beyond


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