Friendship, Gratitude

This little light of mine

What I know for sure is that the day you first came home was the day my life would be forever changed. You were so cute and tiny and before I knew it, you had grown to become one loud mouth. You laugh loud. You talk loud. You sing loud (And beautifully). You walk into a room and and your presence can’t help but be felt.

I will probably say this until you are 40 years old, “I was never ready for how quickly you would grow up”. It has been a joy watching you blossom into your own. Watching you find your own feet. Making your own big decisions. Believing in yourself. Going after the things you want. Being brave and not being afraid to try again and again.

Coolest kids around the block

You are my partner in all things crazy and all things random. My plus 1 at weddings. You are my favourite person to be silly with. I am sure when both of us are home, they take pain killers to get through the day from the noise we make πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for you to get your passport so we can do the damn things around the world.

My soul sees your soul


You are one of the greatest gifts in my life. The best little sister I could have asked for. Keep on shining my not so little bambino. Go against the grain. Stand in the light and be seen as you are. Tiz fayini them πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Do they know? Should we tell them, about the magic? The stardust magic. The joy. The awesomeness you ooze. The gigantic dreams you carry in that little yet spacious heart of yours. Should we tell them about the stars? The ones that glitter from the depths of your being? About the light that is yours. The light that is you. About the wonder you are. Or maybe we should at least tell them how you are glazed in African butter, soaked in melanin and that you are yours. before you are anyone else’s.


Akhona Memela – Makunyiwe Once!!!

Lalela phela ngoba I LOVE YOU so so so much!!!

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