Friendship, Gratitude

Here’s to many more

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, you are one of my absolute favourites.

Thandoh Msimango until further notice…

Yes, you and your soft heart. You and your too accommodating self. You and your one pack. You and that wig of yours I can somehow never wrap my mind around. You and your contagious laughter.  You and your obsession with chopping and changing your hair every three months. You and your wide feet. You and your resolve to be a world changer and influence the spaces around you. You and that brave heart of yours. Following your passion and stepping into your purpose is no child’s play.

I LOVE YOU friend. I  appreciate you. I wouldn’t trade you for anything, except maybe for a good glass of gin and tonic.


Friend you are a beautiful soul. An exceptional human-being.

Here’s to many more years of randomly stopping on the side of the road to dance into the sunset. Here’s to many more trips to the best wine farms. Here’s to more moments of uncontrollable laughter. Here’s to a lifetime of sisterhood, showing up for one another and doing this friendship thing the best way we know how.


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