Friendship, Gratitude

Making Memories

Lavender my lavisto!!!


You are the only friend who writes me love letters…or at least, who used to write me love letters. You are the only friend who tells me she loves me until I get annoyed 🙂 You force me to take photo’s with you because “We need to make memories Ntombi” 🙂

Nike NTC Dec 2017-025

I love how you have just slotted yourself into my life, made room for yourself and found a spot in my heart without needing my permission. I love how you naturally love my people as if they are your people. How you make my friends your friends. I love how you invite yourself to events. But also how you are ever ready to go with me to all these random events I like.

More than anything else, I love how you believe in yourself. How you choose to always see the light before the greyness of any situation. I love how you speak life into yourself. I love that you are always willing to put yourself out there and try out new things. You show up. You make an effort. You fall. You getup. Lavender, you live. You love. You pray.

Stay planted in faith. Remain rooted and grounded in truth. Whatever your truth is; as and when it changes. Remember that you are here to be light. Keep giving yourself permission to shine. To step up and step into the greatness within you.

I love you. I really really do. Thank you for having been a part of my life journey.


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