Friendship, Gratitude

Queen of My Heart

Isn’t she lovely!!!

Her. The goddess. Queen of my heart. Love of my life. Smile keeper. Sounding board.

I genuinely run out of words… Thank You for the constant, graceful and unwavering  love. Thank You for creating room in your heart for me. Thank You for making space in your life for me. Thank You for being a mom. Thank You for being my mommy. Thank You for standing in the gap, for closing the gap. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for being my anchor in this sometimes stormy sea of life.

You have taught me a lifetime of lessons. Shouted at me, made me cry, cried with me, made time to build and teach me. You have nurtured me. Held and engulfed me in a love so pure, gentle and expansive.

I love how you let me sit and squeeze myself next to you at restaurants. I will still opt to sit with you even when you are old and wrinkly. I love that you give me forehead kisses every once in a while. I love that you have such a dope soul. I love how simple yet so classy you are. I love your extra-ness. I love that you are deliberate and unrelenting. I love how you indulge in my silly randomness.

You are the real deal. The The strap to my bra 🙂 🙂 🙂

Love and appreciate you more than all the words your wordsmith child could utter.

P.S. We need to go on a mother-daughter-cation 🙂


No one can love me more. No one can understand me better. No one can inspire me more. No one can hug me tighter



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