Friendship, Gratitude

Khazimula Wami

If ever there is a love I have never had room to doubt or question, it would be this love.  Unassuming. Steady. Real.


Apparently when we were in high school, we looked alike. I was too much of a cool kid then to believe it. But this girl, what a wowza of a human being. Girl stuck onto me like an octopus. (And I am glad she did). Nothing beats going past the friendship stage with someone, to reach a place of sisterhood where you know that come what may, its too late for us to not be a part of each others lives.

Khazimula is a rare soul. Beautiful. Loud. Extra extra. She loves and gives big. She feels. A lot. I supposed that that is one of the things I have always adored about her…This bravery to live with her whole heart. Lets not forget that she is stubborn (Seems like a lot of my friends are).  Strong willed. Needy:) Appreciative. Crazy…For real crazy. She is my “Lets go try out this new place” person.

Would you look at us

I love who you are. I love who you are blossoming into. I love that our friendship is laced in truth and honest conversations…no matter how long it takes for us to get there. I love that we have made space for each others hearts. To be who we are. To come as we are. I love that you enjoy hanging out with me.

I hope that this new-ish season of your life is everything you need it to be. That the sleepless nights are worth it. That on the really tough days, you wont be afraid to leave the Street-Wise two’s behind for an ice-cream date or as your cheesy self would have it,  a picnic at the park.

Thank You for always getting up when life knocked you down. Thank you for pushing through the hard rocky times. Thank You for fighting. Thank You for wanting to stay alive. Thank You for staying the path and keeping your faith.  Thank You for being you.

Ngiyakuthanda Uyezwa

Good thing I taught you how to smile

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