Friendship, Gratitude

She be my Personal Person



The first time I met her, the first words she uttered out of her mouth were “I aint trying to be friends with anyone here. I am just here to work and get shit done”. I remember looker at her thinking Whaaaaaaat? Who are you? Where you be from? Who said anyone be trying to be your friend? šŸ™‚

Fast forward almost 10 years later and we are still at it, friendshipping the best way we know how. Calling each other on shit. Laughing at serious things.

Girl be a grown woman now. Fierce. Stubborn. Annoyingly independent. She walks around like she is made of steel but underneath, she carries a marshmallow sweet and soft heart. Seneme is kind and thoughtful. She is the only other person I know who comes close to giving the best gifts. I have sat and cried with and laughed at her while she was having a meltdown about being fat šŸ™‚ I have watched her wrestle with life, go at war with herself over the stupidest shit. I have watched her love and show up for others.Ā  The greatest gift remains being able to experience her evolve into this strong, gentle, accepting and intentional being consistently working towards loving herself.

Seneme Mthembu I LOVE YOUr 30 year old ass. Remember how we thought we would be dead by now šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ What a joke my darling!!! Turns out we may just be those grannies who get detention at the old age home. Friend, keep living bru. Keep staying in the ring to fight for your dreams. There will come a time where it’s not a fight or a struggle but will be as simple as choosing to go for a walk.

I wish you love friend; pure, authentic, passionate, staying, patient, consistent, adventurous and colourful love. That as much as you give it, you will receive it back in heaps and bounds.

Look at how happy I make you šŸ™‚

Here’s to many more years of being hotter, of slaying effortlessly, of always having enough money for a glass of good wine, of bringing the thunder in corporate every once in a while and of moving in excellence, staying diligent, open to learning and living with hearts that have enough room to take in more of the good stuff.

I love you a gazillion trillion times!!!


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