Friendship, Gratitude

Gratitude to the Army

An army protects

An army lends themselves for going to war for a cause they care about

An army sacrifices, sometimes more than they ought to

This month I am taking time to acknowledge my army; the women who have kept me steady, whose love for me has been brave enough to have super difficult conversations, the ones who have held me close to their hearts in what has felt like a season of turmoil, selfishness and being stuck in pain I am yet to learn to articulate. The ones who have chosen to stay. The ones who teach me to do better and call me to level up. The ones who make me smile, laugh and giggle like a 5 year old.

And I would like to start off with her


Basheera. My Braveheart. My favourite big sister. The one whose heart is too big for her own good. She whose resolve for a better world, a united sisterhood and unwavering belief in being intentional about creating room for ourselves to evolve, continues to challenge and inspire my heart. She who refuses to take a photo with me, I mean… I don’t know what kind of friendship this is.

What made me pay attention to Bash, was her energy, passion, fire and the ease with which she carried herself.  She moves with the type of excellence that compels and reminds you of the importance of showing up with your whole self. You know, shining unapologetically. Stepping into and owning your greatness. She is one of those I am keeping, holding onto and if she ever tried to divorce me, I’d refuse to sign the papers.

I spent half the day with Basheera yesterday…I laughed, quarter to cried, felt the walls of my heart crumble, became undone, awakened, felt challenged and was reminded of the transformative healing power of love. You my friend are sunlight, multi-vitamin for the soul, the real cannabis 🙂 You are joy, peace, strength, grace, stability. I love that you allow me to be while helping to push me in the direction of who I can and should be.

She blossoms whether you water her or not.  She is soft and strong. Unapologetic and honest. Can eat alone at a table but chooses to invite and make room for others. A believer. A beautiful mess. A force. A mountain mover. Clothed in strength and dignity.

She is Basheera Valodia.

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