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Yellowbone by Ekow Duker

Nothing is more exciting and inspiring than a book written by an African author. You find yourself filled with a overflowing pride as you make your way to purchase a copy of their book.

Yellowbone by Ekow Duker was a disappointing read.

The title is misleading. It should have been called Engles ‘angels’ or violin or something. The book begins with the story of Karabo, the yellowbone and her complex relationship  with her parents. There is then the story of Andre, who like Karabo is from Umthatha and ends up in London as a violin teacher. A huge part of the book is centered around Andre and his illogical experiences with the angels and the violin.

In this book, Ekow Duker used his renowned author privilege to publish a book that was not ready to be published. It is a book that has many book ideas within it. A book that attempted to tackle many big and pertinent topics but failed to address any of them adequately. It is a disjointed read that takes the reader on different paths but never returning to a single point of connection.

There are so many angles the author could have taken with this read. So many issues the story line could have tackled but everytime you think the author is onto something, the reader finds themselves reading a different story on a completely different issue.

Not a read we would recommend. We gave this one a score of 3/10

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