I hope you CHOOSE YOU

I hope you choose you

I hope you choose you when you don’t like you.

I hope you choose you when you feel undeserving.

I hope you are relentless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

I hope you choose to pour love into self on the days where you would rather crucify yourself on the cross of unforgiveness, guilt and shame.

I hope you choose to infinitely extend grace towards self.

I hope you choose to fight for your sanity, for your peace and for your healing. That you are willing to do whatever is required of you to get you to a place of wholeness.

I hope you wake up willing to step up and step into the calling on your life; boldly, unapologetically. I hope you are willing to blindly take the first step, before you have sight of the entire staircase.

I hope you choose to stand in the light and shine. To shine as if you are the only star in the sky. Stand in the light and own the places and spaces life plants you in

Choose to blossom! Choose to dream! Choose to believe! Choose to rise! Choose to see the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.

Choose to put your insecurities and your sometimes too loud ego aside and learn to reach out when you need a hand, a hug, some love…

Choose to walk away from things you haven’t mastered the art of dealing with, until you know better.

Choose to show up. Every. Damn. Single day.

With knees trembling.

Fear threatening to invade the steady brave parts of your being

Remember, Golden Child, that YOU…YOU were made for MORE

Keep choosing more!

Keep choosing you!

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