Bash-V Boutique Nail Bar

It’s a taste of home. A place of simplified elegance. A fusion of style and creativity that compels every woman who walks through their doors to step up and own their fabulosity.


The first time I paid this place a visit I was greeted by the most energetic, warm and welcoming human beings I have encountered in a while…Mama Bear of Bash V.  I won’t lie, it caught me off guard and a couple of thoughts went through my mind: “Why is she so happy? Do I know her?”. She felt like home – Which was strange, refreshing and beautiful at the same.

I generally love feeling gorgeous but hate the process of beautifying self.  In having to drag myself to get my nails done, I usually hate the annoying process of choosing a colour. It’s like going through a menu at a restaurant…I can never decide what I want.  Luckily for me, my nail technician for the day, Hazel ; A gorgeous, shy-ish, good at what she does, young woman, helped me sift through the colour process very quickly and in no time,transformed my hands. My experience there was nothing short of amazing💅💅💅

Gorgeous right. I keep telling Bash that I need to be her nail model…My hands have thaaat thing!

After receiving a million and one compliments, I honestly couldn’t imagine myself going anywhere else. And so when I went back, I had to take a friend with me to experience the awesomeness that is Bash-V Boutique Nail Bar. We did our nails, had Gin-Tea, laughed, took lots of photo’s and tried on clothes. Wait! Did I tell you that the owner, Bash, is also a designer and has a seamstress that helps to bring her vision to life. They make gorgeous pieces. Don’t say I didn’t plug you.

And so what was meant to be a quick in and out of the coolest nail salon in town, turned into a morning of much needed fun, real inspiring girl talk and of-course, out of this world amazing nails. Pay them a visit – You will love me and them, forever.


Find them on Instagram @bashvboutiquenail and on Facebook

Great nails don’t happen by choice. They happen by appointment. Set yours!

Call:  011 028 8833                OR            WhatsApp: 066 342 5180


Price List

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