Shame…Not in this lifetime

Life is a journey like no other. A roller-coaster ride if you may. It is bumpy, messy and beautiful all at once. We press on with knees trembling and voice shaking.


I wonder if you have ever woken u and found yourself at the feet of shame, wearing the heavy cloak of shame or having lost sight of who you are because something inside of you just wouldn’t allow you to measure up.

Unlike guilt which is a feeling we carry about our actions, shame is the more about the dark negative feelings we carry about self as a result of our actions. Ad if you are not aware, it can easily become a cycle of self- crucifixion. The thing about shame is that it strips you so much of who you are, blinds you to any good or power you carry within you. Shame isolates. Shame robs. Shame cripples.

I recently went through a season that threated to break the essence of my being. On more days than I would like to admit, I found myself crouched in the corner of my room in an attempt to hide and silence the voices that plagued my mind. As to how or why I got there, that is a story for another day.

For now though, I am writing this post to simply say that we owe it to ourselves to fight. In my resolve to rise, each morning is filled with a declaration I don’t always believe or know how to execute but continue to declare nonetheless.  Shame will have no hold over me. I will push through the discomfort that comes with reaching out and talking about the dark clouds overshadowing my light.

For my not so easily open self, reaching out and talking about the things that cripple me has made the journey 10 times harder. Mine is a constant battleground I have committed to sticking out…for me. For the simple reason that I will not be an accomplice to my healing.

If compassion does not include YOU, it is incomplete. I am learning to give myself grace for the season I am in because I too, deserve my love, kindness, and patience.

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