May my heart never grow weary

For as long as I can remember, changing the world has been an integral part of my existence. While that continues to be the case, I have since come to realise that saving the whole world was never my calling. Mine is to influence and help bring light and hope to the small world around me.

I cannot do everything but can work towards doing something, anything to help make the world a better place.  And so this weekend I found myself spending my Saturday morning at an old age home, learning from those who have gone before, ploughed into the upcoming generation and remain pillars of strength and wisdom in more ways than we can begin to imagine.

The first couple of minutes were rather awkward as none of us knew what to expect. I mean, how do you strike a conversation with someone who doesn’t know you or didn’t even invite you to have a conversation with them.  There is no place within the depths of our hearts that kindness cannot reach. I believe that with my whole heart.  And in no time I found myself in room 105, laughing my lungs out with an 89 year old lady who goes by the name ‘Kitty”.  Beautiful skin. Warm and welcoming, she invited me to sit on her colouful bed and surprisingly neat room. Kitty can no longer see so she listens to the radio and talks a lot which I didn’t mind at all.

When I was leaving to visit another lady, whom Kitty said I should try and spend time with as many people as I could, as most of them don’t get visitors often, she gave me the biggest hug ever. Drenched in so much love. You know, the kind of embrace that is enough to have you meltdown.

Today reminded me about how precious life is. I was reminded about how kindness doesn’t cost a thing. How love heals and I hope that as I journey on, I remember what is means to love without an agenda and without stopping to question whether people are deserving or not.

In the madness and chaos of it all, allow yourself to gravitate towards the things that will leave your heart overflowing, drowning in gratitude and with your perspective shifted.

May my heart never grow weary of being a catalyst of change who leaves a little bit of love everywhere she goes.

I believe in the power of the little things.

#Gratitude #LifeLessons #MoreThanMyself #ChangingOneLifeAtATime

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